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About Knitamazoo Fiber Arts & Crafts

While working at my local yarn shop, I noticed that many knitters (including myself) used hard plastic stitch markers or little bits of yarn which could easily be knit into your project. Stitch markers are essential tools for knitters and I found the plastic markers to be very uncomfortable when used and rather fragile (or that may be my Herculean grip!). I also did not like looking at them while I was knitting a beautiful project. Boring! I began inquiring of my students and customers and discovered that many of them felt the same way. But what could be done? I pondered this for some time before inspiration struck.

I have always been a crafty gal. Scrapbooking, crochet, photography, woodworking, knitting, spinning, weaving, sketching, and the list goes on. Then it hit me – Jewelry making! I had taken a few classes to learn to make jewelry, more specifically wire-wrapped jewelry. I had also started collecting pretty beads of all kinds. Why couldn’t I apply the same techniques (and some of those gorgeous beads) to making stitch markers? Finding closed jump rings which would not snag my knitting was the first hurdle. Then it was practicing wire-wrapping so that there would be no snags from that as well. After much trial and error, I finally began producing stitch markers that I felt proud of.

I was using them in all my projects and began getting comments from my friends, students and customers. “Where did you find such pretty stitch markers?” “Do they snag your knitting?” “Where can we get some?” So I began producing some for my knitting friends. After using them, they encouraged me to make more and sell them. I started selling a few at my local yarn shop and things have grown from there.

Knitamazoo Fiber Arts & Crafts Mission and Values

Our Mission

Knitamazoo Fiber Arts specializes in beautiful snagless wire-wrapped stitch markers and clearly written knitting patterns. We strive to provide knitters with quality tools, patterns, and the knowledge they need to expand their craft.

Our Values

  • Integrity – honesty and fairness in every aspect of our lives
  • Reliability – dependable service
  • Commitment to customers – we are committed to providing our customers the best service possible
  • Product quality – we are committed to providing high quality products
  • Passion – for life and all that we do